"To achieve great things

you have first to believe it."

        A big thank-you to all the coaches, parents, and skaters who participated in the 1st Annual Sioux Falls Ice Classic! 


"Skating helps you find yourself...

     as it becomes a part of you"

        Figure skating creates a sense of freedom for the athlete while also promoting the ability to follow instruction and set goals. A figure skater will not only improve in agility and coordination, but they will also learn to express themselves. Best of all, it is an opportunity for families and friends to pursue a sport together!


"Figure Skating is a mixture of art,

sport, and fun!"

        Ever dreamed of learning to Ice Skate? The Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club can teach you how to skate forwards, backwards, and spin around! There is no age limit or restrictions, and best of all Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club is dedicated to having fun!!


"Even now I can't describe why I love

ice skating so much."  

        It takes some hard work and dedication to make it to the Freestyle Levels. However, the excitement of learning to jump and spin is indescribable! In addition to Freestyle Classes , SFFSC offers Specialty Classes that help skaters strengthen their overall jumps, spins, and skating.

2014 Ice Show - Kaleidoskate

Each year the Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club performs an ice show for the public.  This year's show was titled 'Kaleidoskate' and featured music with a color-related theme.

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SFFSC Birthdays

Owen B.
Kristina G.
Johnny M.7/3
Sarah K.7/5
Margaret Ann M.7/7
Harper M.7/10
Sarah E-M.7/12
Madison G.7/12
Addison P.
Angel C.7/14
Libby F.7/14
Coach Lexey H.7/18
Dawn S.
Colette H.
Saralyn B.
Kristin S.
Lincoln T.

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  • KDLT's Laura Monteverdi takes a lesson!
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